The Effects Alcohol Has On Your Teeth

We are all so used to hearing about the effects candy and colored drinks have on our teeth but no one ever discusses the problem with alcohol. If you are very conscious of your teeth, this might shock you at how bad alcohol is for your teeth.  First off, some alcohol has a lot of sugar in it. Especially […]

How Effective Is Whitening Tooth Paste?

We all wonder if spending the extra buck is worth it for whitening toothpaste. Is it a scam? Does it actually work?  The truth is, if you’re expecting a miracle then you’re most likely going to be disappointed. Non-whitening toothpaste has the focus of removing bacteria and surface stains and bad breath.  A toothpaste concentrated on whitening has a higher percent of […]

Before Getting Braces

Getting braces is a normal routine. In fact, nearly 75 percent of people have some type of problem with their adult teeth that causes them to get braces. Getting braces is an exciting thing especially if you are self-conscious about your teeth and before you know it, you will have the teeth you desire. If […]

The Most Unwise Teeth Of The Bunch

Why do we have wisdom teeth if they’re the most unwise teeth in our mouth? They are actually the most difficult and problematic teeth we have. Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that don’t grow in until teenage years. The biggest problem with wisdom teeth is that most of the time, they grow in […]

Why Do You Grind Your Teeth While Sleeping?

A common problem we see many patients for is damage to their teeth from excessive grinding while they sleep. Although this is an easy fix with a night guard, there could be a bigger problem underneath the surface. It isn’t your fault if you are grinding your teeth while unconscious of it, but there most […]

The Importance of the Tooth Fairy

Were you too preoccupied with winter’s nasty weather to observe National Tooth Fairy Day? We figured you might have been. In case you were wondering, it was Feb. 28, but you’ll get another chance come Aug. 22. It occurs twice a year. A practical purpose for those particular days is to let them serve as […]

What don’t you know about home whitening kits?

Thinking of trying out a home remedy for teeth whitening? At Oakwood Dental Arts, we care about your teeth and want you to not only look like you have a healthy smile, but actually have a healthy smile.  What many people don’t know about home whitening kits are the negative effects they can have on […]

It’s Wise to Include an Oral Cancer Screening With Your Dental Checkup

Good oral hygiene, regularly scheduled dental exams and care are essential for overall health, not just the condition of your gums and teeth. This is why the dentists at Oakwood Dental Arts suggest patients have oral cancer screenings as part of a routine checkup. The full-serve dental practice, which has Staten Island locations in Oakwood […]

Better Health With Proper Oral Hygiene

Studies affirm the consequences of not taking care of your mouth STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – The value of regular dental checkups has become undeniable in view of the many independent studies confirming the benefits of faithful attention to healthy teeth and gums. Oakwood Dental Arts, with two locations on Staten Island, says that while most […]

Embrace the love with a bright smile this Valentine’s Day

The time to share your appreciation for the people you love is here. Chocolates, flowers, and gifts are a wonderful way to be welcomed, but a bad oral hygiene is not. Woo your loved ones away this Valentine’s Day with a bright, fresh, healthier smile, cared by Staten Island’s Oakwood Dental Arts. Our experienced dentists […]