True Sedation Dentistry: Awaken to a New Smile

Have you ever said, “I’m so scared of the dentist I wish they could just knock me out!”? Your wish has just been granted thanks to true sedation dentistry at Oakwood Dental Arts in Staten Island. You’re not alone. Many people fail to have regular dental checkups out of fear; meanwhile what they should really […]

Protect Your Teeth This School Year

Tips from a Staten Island Dentist on Preventing and Handling Dental Emergencies With the resumption of school and the start of sports activities, awareness of the potential for a dental emergency is a timely reminder. Oakwood Dental Arts, with two locations on Staten Island, handles dental emergencies when they arise and also offers pointers on […]

Straighten Out Before School

If you’re starting college in the fall, your list of things to get done before school starts is growing. A mouth full of metal braces is something that you do not want to include on the list of things to take with you, but if you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable because of your crooked or […]

Get Wiser with Wisdom Teeth Facts from Oakwood Dental Arts

Wisdom teeth cause confusion for many people. They show up seemingly out of nowhere and often wreak havoc on our mouths. Oakwood Dental Arts in Staten Island is sharing some fun facts about wisdom teeth that might shed light on the mystery: Wisdom teeth are actually third molars. The nickname “wisdom teeth” stems from when […]

Lifestyle Changes for Oral Health

At Oakwood Dental Arts, we’re committed to not only providing you with the best dental care, but also the best advice possible to ensure your ongoing oral hygiene year round. Neglecting dental hygiene can lead to the need for further dental procedures which will cause you pain in not only your mouth, but in your […]

Give Your Smile a Makeover

No-Prep Veneers can be an appealing way to boost your appearance. Think of veneers on your teeth as smile makeovers. No-Prep Veneers being featured by Staten Island’s Oakwood Dental Arts, with locations in Oakwood Heights and in Tottenville, are ultra-thin coverings on stained, discolored or chipped teeth. They can also mask unsightly spaces between teeth. […]

Keeping Your Dental Alignment A Secret

Oakwood Dental Arts in Staten Island, N.Y., fits you with a nearly undetectable alternative to metal braces Tooth alignment without a metallic display of wires and brackets lets your corrective dental work go unnoticed. Although traditional metal braces may start conversations, a useful alternative available at Oakwood’s Staten Island dentist offices is more comfortable. It’s called […]

Make it a Bright White Wedding

The happiest day of your life is fast approaching. Whether you recently got engaged or have been planning your wedding for months, the time will fly by and you will be standing at the altar before you know it. When you close your eyes and envision you and your fiancé smiling for the camera amongst […]

Raise Your I.Q. on Brushing

The art of proper toothbrush use is easy to learn, according to Oakwood Dental Arts in Staten Island. Most adults usually have 32 teeth, which can be thought of as 32 valued friends needing appropriate time and attention with a simple, basic, handy tool. That tool, however, is often underused or even misused, although it doesn’t […]

Give Dad a Reason to Smile This Father’s Day

Did you know that women are statistically periodontally healthier than men, who are less likely to care for their teeth? Why not change that for the most important man in your life? This Father’s day, get dad to stop by our new beautiful Staten Island dentist office located in Tottenville where he will get the […]