Our philosophy at Oakwood Dental Arts is that every one of our patients has the right to a beautiful, healthy and natural-looking smile; that’s why we offer a full range of denture services that provide you with plenty of high quality options for tooth replacement.

When teeth fall out due to decay or aging, it negatively affects your oral health in many ways. Your remaining teeth begin to shift out of place, which ruins your bite and the structure of your teeth, leading to jaw and facial bone pain and possibly facial bone tissue deterioration. The loss of teeth also causes stress on your remaining teeth as they compensate for the loss, which can cause damage to them as well. This can lead to numerous oral health problems as well as unnecessary pain and discomfort.  In order to counteract the damage of tooth loss and ensure our patients keep their healthy and beautiful smiles, we at Oakwood Dental Arts offer a full range of dentures and partials.

Whether you are missing one tooth or several, Simply Natural Dentures™ and Simply Natural Partials™ are convenient and durable solutions to tooth loss that seamlessly and subtly restore what’s missing. They are custom-designed based on your individual mouth to replace your teeth and look as natural as possible.  Simply Natural Dentures™ and Partials™ are removable, durable, and exceptionally designed to provide the maximum fit and comfort so they easily fit your lifestyle. You can finally have the beautiful smile you were meant to have and no longer feel embarrassed to smile, eat, or talk.

Call or visit our office of Oakwood Dental Arts to learn more about how dentures or partials can give you a new outlook on life.