In Office Teeth Whitening

Whiter teeth can:

Improve your self-esteem
Encourage you to smile more
Allow you to enjoy life uninhibited

If you are self-conscious about your dingy smile or even feel that your yellow, darkened, or discolored teeth are holding you back from truly living life, the teeth whitening services provided by Oakwood Dental Arts may be the solution to this problem.  As one of Staten Island’s premiere cosmetic dentistry practices, we have helped thousands of Staten Islanders achieve the white, bright, and beautiful smiles they have been waiting so long for.  Whitening is rapidly becoming the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry on the market, and the professionals at Oakwood Dental Arts have adopted multiple methods of the most modern, effective, and technologically-advanced forms of whitening to fully satisfy our patients and provide them with the smiles they deserve.

At Oakwood Dental Arts one of our specialties is in office teeth whitening.  Many of our patients prefer our in office teeth whitening services because it provides the quickest results and the patient is under the care and supervision of a dental expert at all times during the procedure.  When undergoing the in office whitening procedure, your dentist will first pumice your teeth to remove any excess plaque buildup that has accumulated on top of your teeth.  Your dentist will then coat your teeth with a whitening solution; a curing light or laser will then be positioned near your teeth to heat and activate the solution.  The solution will be left on your teeth for approximately an hour.  Once the desired shade is reached, your dentist will then rinse your teeth off with a fluoride solution that will alleviate any sensitivity your teeth might have incurred during the procedure.  In many cases, in office teeth whitening is completed within one session, but if the patient’s teeth are more severely discolored, it may take multiple sessions to reach the maximum shade.  As an alternative to in office teeth whitening, Oakwood Dental Arts also offers professional home teeth whitening kits.  This form of whitening can be applied by the patient themselves in the comfort of their own home and at their own convenience.  In this case, your dentist will provide you with a series of professional trays, mouth pieces, and teeth whitening gels for you to apply yourself.

In order to fully accommodate and satisfy our patients and provide them with the most affordable teeth whitening possible, Oakwood Dental Arts offers a variety of pricing specials, discounts, and promotions.  Oakwood Dental Arts believes that our patients should be able to obtain their best smiles possible without slaughtering their wallets.  So don’t waste any more time sulking over your dingy smile!  Call Oakwood Dental Arts and achieve your most gorgeous smile painlessly and conveniently, and without annihilating your bank account!