If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable because of your crooked or misshapen smile, you no longer have to go through life feeling this way. At Oakwood Dental Arts we specialize in Invisalign, a form of invisible braces that straighten your teeth right before your eyes while going virtually unnoticed.  Invisalign is a useful alternative to traditional metal braces that is quickly and steadily growing in popularity.

Invisalign invisible braces are clear, removable aligners that are placed over your teeth and straighten them little by little.  Many patients prefer Invisalign to traditional metal braces for several reasons.  One of these reasons is that Invisalign braces are invisible.  As opposed to being made of metal, Invisalign is made of clear plastic plates.  If you are an adult who does not feel comfortable with the idea of wearing traditional metal braces, Invisalign could be an excellent alternative for you.  Invisalign will straighten your teeth while going virtually unnoticed.  Another advantage of Invisalign is that they are considerably more comfortable than metal braces.  Metal braces have several sharp wires that can irritate the insides of your mouth and cut the inside of your cheeks.  Invisalign, however, are made of smooth plastic to ensure your ultimate comfort.  Invisalign invisible braces are also removable, which makes eating and brushing your teeth much easier than it would be with metal braces.  Because metal braces are glued to your teeth, patients are often advised to avoid certain foods that can become lodged within the wires of the braces.  Metal braces also make it considerably harder to brush and floss your teeth because there are pieces of metal glued over the better part of your tooth.  This can often lead to tooth discoloration, tooth decay, and gum disease.  With Invisalign invisible braces, you simply remove the aligners before you eat and brush your teeth, and place them back on as soon as you are finished.  Invisalign makes it hassle-free to enjoy your favorite foods and maintain your periodontal health.

Invisalign invisible braces straighten your teeth before your eyes.  Our dentists will custom-design your aligners based on your specific teeth and will intricately plan the movement of your teeth so that you can obtain your straightest smile possible.  Invisalign’s plastic aligners will gently shift your teeth little by little based on the movements your dentist has planned for you.  Approximately every two weeks you will replace your aligners with new ones until your straightening is complete.

If you feel like your crooked or misshapen teeth are holding you back, call Oakwood Dental Arts to discuss how Invisalign invisible braces can change your life.  As one of the leading dentists in Staten Island, we are fervent in our beliefs that Invisalign invisible braces are one of the most convenient and effective methods of cosmetic dentistry on the market.  Contact Oakwood Dental Arts to learn how Invisalign can change your life.