Do You Suffer from Bad Breath?

While it’s difficult to tell on your own, you might have a sneaking suspicion that your breath smells by the reactions of others. Halitosis is an embarrassing issue that can affect self-confidence and relationships. Luckily, the trusted dentists at Oakwood Dental in Staten Island can offer a solution to the problem.

Bad breath usually stems from the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth. There are numerous possible causes, so when halitosis persists, it’s time to consider alternative factors. Do you often experience dry mouth? When the mouth is dry and saliva isn’t present to wash bacteria from the tongue, they flourish, creating a pungent smell. This can be caused by many medications, alcohol, and breathing through the mouth. Eating breakfast in the morning will trigger the production of saliva, which can help rinse the mouth of pesky bacteria. Additional factors include respiratory tract infections and diet, which can feed bad bacteria in the mouth. Gastrointestinal issues like acid reflux are common sources of bad breath as well.

Of course the likeliest cause is always an accumulation of plaque, inflammation of the gums, infections or cavities in the mouth, or leftover food particles in between teeth. Prevent these conditions from arising by brushing at least twice daily, and don’t forget to floss in between teeth. A regular dental cleaning will ensure that plaque doesn’t have a chance to harden on teeth. So if you’re seeking a Staten Island dentist to aid in your endless battle with halitosis, give Oakwood Dental a call to freshen up fast!