How Oral Hygiene Affects Your Overall Health

If you’re making time for sweets and neglecting your tooth brush and dental floss, you could be doing more damage than promoting cavities and tooth decay.  As time goes on, more studies are showing that oral bacteria can travel through the bloodstream and cause inflammation in other areas of the body besides the mouth.  This can contribute to many health problems that span far beyond the dentist’s chair.

Everyone knows that exercise can reduce cholesterol and promote a healthy heart, but doctors fail to stress the importance of oral hygiene in cardiovascular health.  Research has shown that certain heart conditions, such as endocarditis, can certainly be caused by oral bacteria that have travelled to the heart.  It is also speculated that heart disease and strokes can be exacerbated by oral bacteria found in arterial plaque buildup.

Ever think that your ailments associated with aging could have a deeper underlying cause?  Combating arthritis with anti-inflammatory medications can only do so much when bacteria are the cause of inflammation.  Oral bacteria have yet again been found in swollen joints of patients suffering with arthritis.

So if you thought avoiding that trip to the dentist couldn’t do much harm, think again.  Dental care is a major part of overall health and wellness and should be taken as seriously as an annual checkup with your MD.  As long as you have a healthy dental regimen that involves regular visits to your knowledgeable dental office, you can rest assured that the bad bacteria won’t make it past your mouth.