Top 3 Signs of Tooth Trouble

Teeth give off their own signals that they need remedial attention. When they do, the preferred Staten Island dentist office of Oakwood Dental Arts, with locations in Oakwood Heights and Tottenville, advises scheduling an appointment as soon as possible. The top signs of tooth trouble are so commonplace, however, that the American Dental Association suggests you have plenty of company if you experience them.


Painful discomfort in the mouth or jaw could be coming from a tooth.

Toothaches typically indicate a cavity, but they can also stem from gum disease. In some cases, a toothache is a symptom of an abscess or impacted tooth.

Let your dentist at Oakwood Dental Arts evaluate the condition without delay to determine the cause and save the tooth.


Teeth that hurt when you drink a hot or cold beverage can suggest a variety of problems including tooth decay, fractured teeth, worn fillings, gum disease, worn tooth enamel or a tooth root exposed by gum recession.

Treatment will depend on the cause, so you will need to visit one of Oakwood’s Staten Island dentist offices for diagnosis and treatment options.


You’ll want your dentist to rule out troublesome gums as a warning sign of gingivitis, which is an early and reversible stage of gum disease. However, the cause may be simply the result of brushing too hard or starting a new flossing routine. Gums that bleed regularly, though, could be a sign that something is wrong. Your experienced dentist at Oakwood Dental Arts will perform a thorough examination to get to the root of the problem.