What don’t you know about home whitening kits?

Thinking of trying out a home remedy for teeth whitening? At Oakwood Dental Arts, we care about your teeth and want you to not only look like you have a healthy smile, but actually have a healthy smile.  What many people don’t know about home whitening kits are the negative effects they can have on your teeth and might only cause damage instead of doing what they say.

Home whitening kits usually take at least a month to show some result and for everyday if/until you get the color you desire, you are damaging your teeth with enamel wearing strips and gels.  Home kits use trays that are one size fits all and as professionals, we know one size does not fit every mouth.  Using these trays can cause serious damage to your gums.  In most cases the tray is too big which causes the gel to rise, letting the chemicals sit on your gums.  Other problems include uneven spots, discoloration and can cause harm to any dental work you might have had done in the past.

Many people don’t realize their teeth have all different shades and stains which requires professional attention.  If not properly handled, your enamel can have serious harm done to it, causing you to live with serious discomfort and not be able to enjoy certain foods. In our opinion, risking uneven stain appearance, damaging enamel and harming past dental work is worse than having one even shade that can be fixed with professional help.

At Oakwood Dental Arts, one of our specialties is in office teeth whitening. Within one session, you will get the shade you desire that is affordable and effective. Come to Oakwood Dental Arts where we use the safest technology to give you the whiter, brighter smile that you deserve!