Why Do You Grind Your Teeth While Sleeping?

A common problem we see many patients for is damage to their teeth from excessive grinding while they sleep. Although this is an easy fix with a night guard, there could be a bigger problem underneath the surface. It isn’t your fault if you are grinding your teeth while unconscious of it, but there most likely is a reason for the grinding going on during the day that can be useful when detected. After you come to Oakwood Dental Arts to get for a mouth guard for when you sleep, you should still be concerned and try to fix whatever the problem is that can be causing this issue.

The most common reasons for grinding teeth while sleeping is from insomnia and the amount of stress and anxiety you are feeling throughout the day that is carrying over into your sleep. Many people with excessive stress in their lives have trouble sleeping in general but when they do fall asleep, grinding becomes your body’s way of telling you that you need to slow down and relax.

Other ways to help the grinding of your teeth includes cutting back on caffeine such as coffee and chocolate. We all know coffee and chocolate are delicious but bad for your teeth, and excessive indulgence of the two can stain your teeth. Because both coffee and chocolate have caffeine in them, the caffeine stimulates the nervous system, so even if you are sleeping with caffeine in your system, grinding your teeth at night could be your body’s alertness as a side effect of caffeine consumption.

Another Tip would be to avoid biting or chewing on anything hard or inedible. Many people have a bad habit of biting down on pencils and pens. This habit gives your jaw a familiar pressure that will make you vulnerable to that clenching when you are unaware of doing it.

Although there are many ways to try to prevent teeth grinding, it is important to come to Oakwood Dental Arts to see your dentist. These remedies, although helpful, may not be enough to stop the grinding completely. Explain to your dentists the complexity of your grinding. They will examine your teeth to make sure there has been no damage and then fit you to a night guard.