The Most Unwise Teeth Of The Bunch

Why do we have wisdom teeth if they’re the most unwise teeth in our mouth? They are actually the most difficult and problematic teeth we have. Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that don’t grow in until teenage years. The biggest problem with wisdom teeth is that most of the time, they grow in horizontally. That’s not very wise! When this happens, there is a high chance that the wisdom teeth are impacted and can cause serious damage to adjacent teeth, nerves and the jawbone.

Many patients have pain which leads to a visit to Oakwood Dental Arts for an X-ray to conclude if the pain is from wisdom teeth or something different.

Symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth are:

* Red or Swollen gums

* Consistent pain and/or swelling around gums and Jaw

* Difficulty opening mouth

Having wisdom teeth removed is a common procedure and all four can be done in one sitting. Its that easy! 85% of adults have their wisdom teeth removed to protect their existing teeth and to relieve consistent pain. If you feel you may have a wisdom tooth issue, do not ignore it. Come to Oakwood Dental Arts to get X-rayed to explore options of what can be done.