5 Holiday Foods That Make Our Teeth Hurt

The holiday season is known for its treats and rich foods, but while they are fun to enjoy, not every holiday treat is good for our teeth. In fact, instead of worrying about waistlines this holiday season, it may be more prudent to worry about your dental health if you don’t want to spend your New Year’s at a dental clinic.

Above all, the best thing you can do for your teeth during the holiday season is to regularly brush and floss. With how much sugar is floating around this is not the time to skip out on good dental hygiene. However, if you can, also try to avoid these holiday threats. The following are the five worst holiday foods for your teeth.

Candy Canes
Bad news for peppermint lovers, candy canes top the naughty list. There is simply no great way to eat a candy cane during the holiday season. If you slowly suck on a candy cane you are continually exposing your teeth to a large amount of sugar which can increase the chance of developing a cavity. On the other hand, if you attempt to crunch on a candy cane you will probably end up with sugar-loaded pieces getting stuck in your teeth.

Carbonated Drinks
During the holiday season, you are more likely to be at holiday parties and gatherings, which means you are more likely to pick up a soda. A growing number of alcoholic beverages are carbonated which increases the chances that you will drink something fun, bubbly, and bad for teeth this season. Carbonated drinks contain a high amount of acid that eats the enamel right off your teeth. In general, you should attempt to avoid the temptation of a quick sweet drink, but during the holidays practice real restraint or you could end the year with sensitive, yellowed teeth.

It is no secret that there is a lot of sugar in chocolate, but there is a saving grace to your favorite treat. Pure dark chocolate has a high cocoa content and low sugar count. So simply make it a point to avoid sweeter milk chocolate varieties and you should do better this holiday season. Your teeth and waistline will probably thank you. Plus, dark chocolate has antioxidants that are good for your heart, so sticking to pure chocolate will serve you well during the holiday months.

For some inexplicable reason, eggnog is the beverage of choice during the holiday season. However, it is full of sugar that is ready to eat away at your enamel and jump kick new cavities. If you must indulge in some this holiday season, opt for a small amount of alcohol and low-sugar variety.

Caramel Anything
Finally, just say no to caramel. From caramel covered popcorn to caramel chocolates, caramel is a gooey sugar that not only coats your teeth but also sticks to them. The sugar from your caramel treat will stay with you all day, making it an extremely bad choice to indulge in.