Dental Sedation for Special Needs

Dental Sedation for Special Needs

Going to the dentist can create anxiety, especially for special needs patients. Dental sedation can make a visit to the dentist safer for both adults and children with special needs, and reduce fear surrounding the event.

While everyone’s situation varies, different types of sedation for different circumstances can help create a more comfortable environment for everyone involved.

Types of Sedation

What works for one patient may not work for another. Therefore, different types of sedation may be needed depending on the patient’s condition and the reason for sedation.

Nitrous Oxide: Nitrous oxide is the most common type of sedative used in dentistry. It is administered as a gas through a mask and can help patients relax or make them fall asleep until the procedure is over.

Oral Sedation: Oral sedation comes as a medicine that the patient takes either at the dentist’s office before the procedure or at home to prepare for the visit.

IV Sedation: Some patients require continuous sedation to keep them unconscious throughout the procedure. IV sedation can allow the dentist to administer enough sedation to keep the patient unconscious for as long as needed.

Sometimes, dental sedation requires home preparation, especially with IV sedation. There may be certain restrictions for what the patient can and can’t eat or drink, and these rules must be followed for effective sedation.

When is Sedation Necessary for Special Needs Patients?

Not all special needs patients who require sedation need it for the same reason. Some patients are afraid of the dentist, making even a routine cleaning challenging. They may also be sensitive to pain, even with localized numbing agents.

Other patients have uncontrollable movements, which can be dangerous with dental instruments in their mouths. Sedation dentistry can reduce the risk of injury to patients and dentists.

Oakwood Dental Arts Sedation Dentistry

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