The Effects Alcohol Has On Your Teeth

We are all so used to hearing about the effects candy and colored drinks have on our teeth but no one ever discusses the problem with alcohol. If you are very conscious of your teeth, this might shock you at how bad alcohol is for your teeth.  First off, some alcohol has a lot of sugar in it. Especially if you are having a mixed cocktail or red wine and sangria. Not only are these drinks filed with sugar but can stain your teeth because of the dark color.  You might be in for double-trouble if you have a drink juice or soda.  Another big issue has to do with the dehydration side effect of drinking alcohol.  With a decrease in flow of saliva, bacteria will cling to the enamel which is the main reason for tooth decay.   Heavy drinkers are also more likely to get gum disease and mouth sores and is the second most common risk factor for oral cancer.

Oakwood Dental Arts dentists recommend being extremely cautious with your teeth when having an alcoholic drink and make sure you are taking care of your teeth after drinking.