Using Dental Sedation To Help Special Needs Patients


For people with any anxieties or discomfort in the dentist’s chair, it can be difficult to find the
right oral health care clinic. Your
Shrewsbury dentist
recognizes this, and our practice takes care to maintain a friendly and
caring environment where people feel they can trust the services they receive. When patients
who have special needs require treatment, we can use dental sedation to help make a
potentially difficult experience for them easier. Having access to consistent professional oral
health care is important. A person’s oral health and general health can be more closely
connected than you realize, and regular exams can lead to the detection of treatment of
problems before they become painful!

Have You Struggled To Find A Dental Practice To Help Your Loved One?

Finding the right dental care facility for a loved one with special needs is important.
Unfortunately, people who search for this care can find that many practices are not the right fit.
This can lead to frustration, and in some cases patients will have to attend a general medical
facility for oral health services, even if they just require a routine checkup!

How Sedation Makes The Treatment Experience Easier

Dental sedation can be used in different circumstances to make care for patients easier.
During a longer or more involved restorative dental treatment, sedation can help someone stay
relaxed and comfortable. Providing sedation during treatment is also recommended when
someone expresses issues with dental anxieties, or when an individual has special needs that
makes treatment less comfortable. If you have someone in your life who has difficulties in the
dentist’s chair, we can speak with you about how sedation can make them more comfortable,
and how it can make regular dental procedures possible.

The Long-Term Benefits Of Consistent Oral Health Care

How does access to dental care pay off in the long term? What makes dental visits valuable
even at times when you have no active oral health concerns? By keeping your smile in good
health, you also protect your general health. Complications from tooth decay or gum disease
can have negative effects on your overall well-being. Problems with poor periodontal health can
result in tooth loss and difficulties maintaining your overall health. Advanced tooth decay can
lead to infection issues as well as pain and tooth loss. When regular exams are scheduled, your
Shrewsbury dentist will be able to warn you about early signs of trouble. With early warnings
and treatment, along with services like dental cleanings, the risk for oral health complications is

Your Shrewsbury Dentist Can Provide Dental Care To Patients With Special Needs

Our dentist’s office in Shrewsbury, NJ is prepared to help our patients remain in good oral
health! We take care to make our services comfortable for everyone who comes to us. For
those who have dental anxiety, and for special needs individuals, we can use dental sedation to
make time in the dentist’s chair more comfortable. To learn more about our services, or to
discuss treatment for yourself or a loved one, call our
Shrewsbury dentist’s office at 732-945-7388