What Type of Fillings Are There?

No one wants the headache—or, more accurately, the toothache—of getting a cavity. The good news is that if you do have cavities, it’s a simple fix. Filling a cavity is a quick procedure that stops a cavity from growing and causing further tooth decay.

However, not all fillings are the same. You have several options for filling types, depending on the location of the cavity. Your choice may also be influenced by the cost of the filling and what your insurance covers. Here are some of the fillings you may choose.


Amalgam fillings are some of the strongest and most commonly used filling types. They’re perfect for molars because they don’t wear out quickly, and as one of the oldest filling types, we know a lot about them. They’re made from a mix of metals, which means they aren’t discreet when it comes to appearance.


While they’re not quite as strong as amalgam, glass and quartz composite fillings can come in handy for areas that don’t perform intense chewing. They’re perfect if you want a filling that matches the color and shape of your tooth.


Metal fillings are some of the most durable filling types available—they can last up to 15 years. They’re also far more expensive than amalgam or composite. Many people who opt for metal fillings choose gold despite their high cost.


Ceramic, or porcelain, fillings are pricey, but they’re also durable. They work just as well for teeth that show when you smile, as their color blends with that of your natural teeth.

Glass Ionomer

Glass ionomer fillings are the least durable of all filling types. However, they can be designed to release fluoride into the teeth to prevent further cavities from forming.

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