Tips To Make Your Root Canal Recovery Easier

Whether you’re preparing or considering root canal treatment, it is important to arm yourself with information on how to manage recovery. Your dentist will enlighten you on what to expect, the procedure, and the experience post-surgery.

A root canal becomes the only solution when you have a tooth with a deep cavity that is no longer treatable. In such a case, it is important to undergo treatment as soon as possible. You might be wondering how long it will take before you feel like yourself again. Most likely, a day or two.

Here are things you can do to get back to being whole again.

1. Avoid exercise for a few days

After your canal treatment, it is important to pause exercises for a few days. There is no doubt that exercise is good for your overall health. But when you have had surgery, you need to be careful to avoid complications.

You could ask your dentist how long you should stay away from exercise. As you’re recovering, you need to take it easy with rigorous activities. You don’t want a situation where you worsen the problem.

2.Get enough rest

For optimal root canal recovery, adequate rest is necessary. Make it an effort to sleep as much as possible as it improves recovery. Taking a day or two off work will help you recover quickly.

You’re likely to feel sore and tired due to the surgery, and sleeping will be your best activity for fast recovery.

3. Proper Mouth Care

After your surgery, pay close attention to your mouth and how it feels. Typically, there will be soreness and pain, and your dentist is likely to give you some painkillers to manage the pain. Before you eat anything, make sure you’re no longer numb to avoid hurting yourself.

Swelling is quite normal after a root canal surgery, so use an ice pack to reduce it. When sleeping, try to keep your head elevated with a pillow to avoid irritation.

4. Pay attention to how you feel

Swelling and pain are quite normal after a root canal treatment, and likely stop after a day or two provided you’re allowing yourself to heal. From the moment you get home, pay attention to how you feel. 

There may be an infection if you still feel pains days after treatment. In that case, get in touch with your dentist immediately.

If you’re considering a root canal treatment, know that it is an investment in yourself and will help boost your smile and confidence in the long run. 

Many often fear this procedure due to the pain associated with recovery, but it isn’t as bad as you may have envisioned. If you need a dentist to help maintain your beautiful smile, go ahead and give us a call or fill the contact form.