Staten Island Dentist

The personalized general dentistry services of our experienced and caring professionals at Oakwood Dental Arts are backed by an eminently trained team of specialists—in-house!

Having a team of general dentists and specialists ensures that each one of your dental questions and decisions can be addressed by the combined expertise of trained professionals in all areas of dentistry.

Your First Visit

At Oakwood Dental Arts, you will feel the difference a caring staff can make on your dental experience beginning with your very first visit. You will have the opportunity to tour our office as we become acquainted with one another. As you discuss your dental needs with us, we will set a plan to work within your budget and maximize your insurance. You will immediately feel confident that you have found a dental practice that you can rely on for life.

Whether you are having your teeth cleaned, seeking emergency care or simply a checkup, rest assured that we have the experience and staff to handle all dental concerns.

Safety First

You will be glad to know that we take safety very seriously. With a stress on infection control, we very carefully follow all recommended sterilizing techniques that prevent the spread of infection. We autoclave (heat sterilize) all instruments and have installed a “state-of-the-art” water purification system that sterilizes the water spray, preventing contamination from all sources. All other dental materials are only used once.

Dental Technologies for the 21st Century

At our Oakwood Dental Arts offices, you will be treated with the latest technology, but with old-fashioned courtesy and value. Our dentists take post graduate courses frequently to keep up to date with advancements in science, new treatments and regulations. Some of the latest additions to our office include an intraoral camera, digital x-rays, 3rd generation cosmetic bonding, cosmetic imaging, laser gum treatments, air abrasion and Zoom whitening; this allows us to give you the latest and best care.

Our Promise to You

All treatments are based on a plan created especially for you, taking into account your current condition, needs and desires, and budget. The goal is a bright smile, strong healthy teeth and clean fresh breath that lasts a lifetime.

What You Can Expect From Us

The guiding philosophy that has helped us build our practice over the years is very simple: we are dedicated to doing our best for you, and this means learning about you as we care for you! You can trust that at Oakwood Dental Arts you will be seen by the very best dentists Staten Island NY has to offer!

Why not experience difference of a warm, gentle approach to dentistry that we at Oakwood Dental Arts offer our patients? Become part of our family of beautiful, healthy smiles!