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Oakwood Dental, our Staten Island practice, was established in 2006. The dental office was originally set up in Staten Island NY. The goal of Oakwood Dental was to establish a network of high quality dental care practices, that cater to the whole family in your community, from pediatric dentistry to your golden years. We have seven dental practices in total, 4 on Staten Island and in 3 New Jersey. The personalized general dental services of our knowledgeable and caring dentists at Oakwood Dental, are backed by an extremely trained team of specialists, in house. This ensures that from your first visit, each one of your questions will be answered and completed by the combined expertise of wonderful dentists who specialize in all areas of dental care.

Our Dental Office and Philosophy

Our Staten Island dental team have a long standing career of service in dentistry, and embrace a patient centric approach to your dental needs. Each dentist is committed to delivering the highest standard of care to our patients, utilizing the most advanced technology. Our philosophy provides a welcome of care from your first visit. Our dedicated and highly -trained dentists under go continual professional development regularly, to provide you, the patient, with the highest quality products and the latest technology to provide your treatment in a comfortable environment. The teams in our Staten Island and New Jersey offices put you first!

Our Promise To You

When you are a patient at Oakwood Dental, you have the option of moving seamlessly throughout our growing network of practices from Staten Island New York to New Jersey, or from dentist to dentist. Our team of experienced dentists provide a range of dental services from general dentistry, to cosmetic and specialized dentistry services, and utilize advanced technology to take care of your beautiful smile. We will provide you with wonderful dentists and the best dental services for natural looking teeth and a natural looking smile.

We offer exceptional care for all our patients, and offer a tour of our facilities during your first visit, in order for you to become acquainted with your dentist before any treatment begins. Your dentist will discuss your concerns for your teeth and smile and from there will make a treatment plan, that will optimise your insurance and work within your budget, to provide you with the highest quality care for your teeth and smile. We promise you will feel confident that you have found an office and a dentist you can rely upon to care for your teeth. Our aim is to deliver a bright smile, strong healthy teeth and clean fresh breath that lasts a lifetime.

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Your First Visit

At Oakwood Dental, you will feel the difference a caring staff can make on your dental experience, starting with your very first visit. As you discuss your dental needs with us, we will set a plan to work within your budget and maximize your insurance. You will immediately feel confident that you have found a dental practice that you can rely on for life.

Whether you are having your teeth cleaned, seeking emergency care or simply a checkup, rest assured that we have the experience and staff to handle all dental concerns.

Your Oral Health

A patient specific treatment plan will be completed for new and existing patients. This will be based upon your oral health and the dental work required. You make an appointment and our dentists will work with you to ensure you stay on budget and maximise your dental insurance. Oakwood Dental have the best dentists to care for all treatments from a dental emergency, general dentistry, full arch – in office teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants, root canal therapy, oral surgery, right through to a full mouth restoration. We recommend a Staten Island and a New Jersey pediatric practice to look after your little one’s teeth. We have treated everything in all of our practices from Staten Island to New Jersey.

What Your Dental Professionals Offer

At Oakwood Dental, we have an empathetic team of dental professionals, that cater all your family’s needs from general dentistry to specialist dentistry at our practice. This ensures that all procedures can be completed by a dentist in – house! We have seven practices from Oakwood Dental NY to New Jersey, we treat our patients with modern technology but incorporate the manners and curtesy of old fashioned values. You can be confident that you have found a dental practice that will ensure optimal oral health for life. Our doctors are qualified specialists in general dentistry, cosmetic procedures, endodontics, orthodontics and a periodontics. This means your team of Staten Island dentists can look after all of your dental issues. We are also happy to offer sedation dentistry for our patients who suffer with dental anxiety. Our practice is all about patient comfort and providing you with the best dentist for your optimum oral health with compassionate care.

Staten Island Dental Team to New Jersey Dental Team

The first dental appointment for patients at Oakwood Dental will be scheduled with one of our doctors who looks after general dental health procedures. This treatment determines what plan is necessary. The dentist will assess your gum health and take x rays if necessary, to look for any cavities in your teeth, and chart any missing teeth. From there your doctor will make a plan for your gum health and any restorations to the smile. Your general dentist will also treat any trauma or emergency appointment that you may require. If you require root canals, your doctor will be happy to accommodate this at our Staten Island NY practice or any other dental office under the Oakwood umbrella. Our team of dental specialists look after all your family’s dental treatment, if you require prosthetics, such as dentures, we have a great dentist for you. Should you require a cosmetic restoration, such as implants; a dental implant can replace lost or missing teeth to restore your smile. We have the specialist to look after your dental care and new smile makeover.

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Oakwood Dental NY, our Staten Island dentists believe that everyone deserves to have a perfect smile. As part of our restorative dental services, these procedures are specially designed to restore your teeth to their ideal level of health, if one or more teeth have suffered severe damage, or if they are altogether missing. Our dentists are experts in cosmetic dentistry, and provide everything from no prep veneers to crowns, bridges, Invisalign, right through to a full arch in house teeth whitening. Our other specialised services include CEREC, or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and Zirconia Crowns and Veneers, to ensure our patients recieve the most natural looking restoration possible. As the leading dental practice on Staten Island, Oakwood Dental offers a versatile range of cosmetic dental procedures to enhance the appearance of our patients’ smiles and give them a new outlook on life.

As your dentist at Oakwood Dental, one of our areas of specialty is using porcelain veneers to give our new and existing patients a gorgeous, healthy, and natural-looking smile. This treatment is custom-made to fit your mouth perfectly, each porcelain veneer is delicately crafted to exhibit a beautiful, lifelike look for your teeth. Whether replacing a few teeth or several, take comfort in knowing each veneer will blend naturally with your surrounding teeth.

Dental Implants

A Dental implant is an artificial tooth root placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge in place. Dental implants are designed essentially to replacing missing teeth. Whether you are missing one tooth or many, you might not only be dealing with impaired self-esteem, but also functional disadvantages. Dental implants can help patients eat better, look younger and feel more confident. They can be more conservative than traditional bridgework, because the surrounding teeth do not need to be filed down. Dental implants are so natural looking and feeling that patients may forget you ever lost a tooth. This will help to return the smile to your face. We take care of your dental anxiety by providing a convenient Staten Island dentist and dental specialists to care for our patients.

Safety First

You will be glad to know that we take safety very seriously. With a stress on infection control, we very carefully follow all recommended sterilizing techniques that prevent the spread of infection. We autoclave (heat sterilize) all instruments and have a “state-of-the-art” water purification system that sterilizes the water spray, preventing contamination from all sources. We only use the highest quality products for our patients.

Dental Technologies Tor The 21st Century

At our Oakwood Dental offices, you will be treated with the latest technology, but with old-fashioned courtesy and value. Our dentists take post graduate courses frequently to keep up to date with advancements in science, new treatments and regulations. Some of the latest additions to our office include an intraoral camera, digital x-rays, 3rd generation cosmetic bonding, cosmetic imaging, laser gum treatments, air abrasion and Zoom whitening; this allows us to give you the latest care.

What You Can Expect
From Us

The guiding philosophy that has helped us build our practice over the years is very simple. We are dedicated to doing our best for you, and this means learning about you as we care for you! You can trust that at Oakwood Dental you will be treated by the most empathetic dentists Staten Island NY and New Jersey has to offer!

Why not experience the difference of a warm, gentle approach to dentistry that we at Oakwood Dental offer our patients? Become part of our family of beautiful, healthy smiles!