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Your dental professionals at Oakwood Dental Practice, Staten Island, NY, and New Jersey are experts in all aspects of General Dentistry procedures. The philosophy of dental professionals at Oakwood Dental practice is that everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile and looking after your oral health and dental health requires a minimal amount of effort. A general dentist is a Dr that provides a range of services from check-ups, cleanings, restorations, emergency appointments, and cosmetic procedures for the whole family.

When Should I See A General Dentist?

Ideally a patient should have their teeth examined every six months. This is a preventative measure, and if a patient regularly visits their Dr, they can prevent a multitude of dental health issues, such as gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, root canals, etc. Usually, on a first visit, your dentist will complete a consultation and take x-rays, if you have a history of poor dental health. State-of-the-art x-rays take a picture of the tooth, gums, and roots of the teeth. This can provide insight to your dentist, as it provides an image not visible to the naked eye, this will help the dentist plan your treatment and procedures if necessary.

Oral Health At Oakwood Dental

Oakwood Dental, Staten Island New York, and New Jersey provide all dental services. Having a dentist in your local community means that you can have the best dentist, provide regular checks ups and provide treatment quickly, at any dental office from Staten Island to New Jersey. A full arch dental cleaning is so important for your overall dental health and smile. A serious dental condition like gum disease can be eliminated by just a simple cleaning at your biannual check-up. Teeth cleaning is important for the whole family, we provide general pediatric dentistry right through to dental care in your senior years.

Your Staten Island pediatric dentists and New Jersey pediatric dentists provide all dental care for your oral health. At Oakwood Dental Staten Island and New Jersey, we are passionate about your oral health. This is why our Staten Island dental team recommends oral hygiene instructions for our patients, as part of your home care and prevention, for optimal oral health. Brushing and flossing just twice daily removes any excess food from your teeth, as well as excess plaque build-up. This immediately brightens the teeth, prevents gum disease, and helps to prevent cavities.

Dental Restorations, Staten Island New York, and New Jersey

Restorations are provided after consultation by your Staten Island dentists and New Jersey Dentists if you have a broken tooth or a cavity. We provide cosmetic dentistry fillings (white), to give a natural teeth finish. This is provided at an early stage, to prevent more serious problems such as root canals. However, if you require root canal therapy, we have the latest technology and a specialist endodontist to take care of that service in our office. At Oakwood Dental Staten Island NY and New Jersey, we want you to feel like you are in a comfortable environment and alleviate dental anxiety.

We understand that dental phobia is a real issue, and it may prevent you from taking care of your oral health and smile. Many patients have general dental anxiety, a gag reflex, or a history of a poor dental experience, however, putting off regular checkups and cleanings actually increases the likelihood of dental conditions arising. When you make an appointment at our Staten Island Practice or New Jersey Practice office, you can rest assured that we have the best dentist for you, who will listen and put patient comfort first.

Staten Island Pediatric Dentists

Our Staten Island dental team and New Jersey dentist team are happy to provide your children with general services for all dental issues. We have highly experienced dentists who provide check-ups, cleanings, restorations to the affected tooth, and fissure sealants with the best dentists. Fissure sealants are a painless way to help prevent tooth decay. A fissure sealant is a liquid that flows into the fissures of the biting surface of the tooth, which in turn protects the tooth from cavities. We use the highest quality products to ensure you receive the best dental care.

Your Dentist In Staten Island


At Oakwood, our Staten Island and New Jersey office is comprised of a team of the most exceptional and caring dentists, who value you as a patient. We take care of all of your dental needs. Regrettably, not all teeth can be saved and in some cases, extraction may be the only option. This may be because you have impacted wisdom teeth, that have suffered a repeated infection. If this is the case, make an appointment at our office. We have a great dentist, a specialist in oral surgery, in-house, who can take care of you, our patient, in a state-of-the-art environment.

Another reason an extraction may be necessary is that the tooth is no longer viable, this may be due to decay or aging. Losing your teeth impacts the structure of your full arch, ruins your bite, and can lead to jaw and facial bone pain and maybe even facial bone tissue deterioration. This may in turn cause damage to the other teeth, as they have to compensate for the missing teeth. This can prevent a host of other oral health issues. In this case, we have a great dentistry treatment option to replace the missing teeth and restore your healthy smile. A visit to our dental office in New York and New Jersey will put your dental care first.

Dentures and Dental Implants are a solution to replace missing teeth in general dentistry. Acrylic dentures are an option for many patients who require full mouth restoration or partial dental restoration. Teeth whitening can be done in tandem with this, to ensure a beautiful, natural smile. For some patients, chrome dentures are a great treatment to restore your smile, if you have four or more missing teeth. Simply Natural Dentures™ and Simply Natural Partials™ are convenient and durable treatment solutions for tooth loss that will subtly restore what’s missing, with a comfortable and lightweight feeling. However, if a patient wants another treatment option to restore tooth loss, we recommend our services treatment which includes bridges and dental implants. An implant is an option your dentist will recommend if you require stability to hold an existing denture in place.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great option to replace a lost tooth. When a patient loses a tooth, it can cause jaw deterioration and in some cases facial collapse. The implant substitutes the lost tooth root and stimulates the bone to grow and strengthen in order to support the artificial root. Your specialist dentists will recommend a treatment called dental implants. A dental implant is placed in the jaw bone using state-of-the-art, advanced technology, to replace the lost tooth root. The procedures cause minimal discomfort to our patients. Once the implant is placed, it will take the implant site six weeks to three months to recover. Your Staten Island NY Dentist and New Jersey Dentist will have recommended a dental implant to hold a permanent bridge or crown in place.

Once the dental implants healing process has been completed, our dentists will have patients make an appointment to place an artificial tooth called a crown or a bridge on top of the dental implants. This service provides our patients with the highest quality, natural-looking teeth. This improves the appearance and function of our patients. A dental implant will remain healthy and never decay! Oakwood Staten Island dentists and New Jersey dentists offer a philosophy of care and believe everyone deserves a perfect smile. Our services begin at the front desk and follow throughout the practice to provide you with the best care for your entire visit.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic dental services include dental work that will improve the appearance of the smile and gums. Your dentist will recommend patients have cosmetic procedures including teeth whitening, CEREC Dental Restorations, and Porcelain Veneers to restore their smile. At Oakwood Dental, your Staten Island and New Jersey dentists offer our patients in-office teeth whitening. This improves the appearance of a tarnished, stained, and discolored arch, to give our patients a brighter whiter smile, which will restore their confidence.

Crowns and Veneers

Our Staten Island NY and New Jersey services also include crowns. Crowns or Caps is a tooth-shaped cover, which is used to restore a tooth that has been broken, root treated, or restore a tooth that has been replaced by an implant. At Oakwood Dental, Staten Island, and New Jersey, we use CERAC Dentistry Restorations. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or Ceramic Reconstruction. This software provides the latest technological advancement in cosmetic dental procedures and allows the dentist to prepare a tooth and install a crown in the same visit. This procedure is also utilized to restore dental implants. CEREC creates a crown from ceramic, which is the most desirable material to produce a natural-looking and long-lasting tooth cap.

At Oakwood Staten Island NY and New Jersey, your Dr will recommend Vivaneers™ No-Prep Veneers. They are ultra-thin pieces of porcelain that are crafted to the shape of your tooth and are bonded onto your tooth which improves their appearance automatically. Vivaneers™ No-Prep Veneers are the ultimate solution to correct tooth discoloration, correct minor gaps, and chipped, cracked, or crooked teeth.

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