General Dentistry

At Oakwood Dental Arts, we perform all general dentistry procedures from checkups and cleanings to X-rays and cavity fillings.

Our practice offers all specialty care treatments including surgery, orthodontics (braces), oral periodontics (gum treatments), cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry. All procedures, large and small, are done in the comfort and privacy of our luxurious and spacious office facilities.

The personalized services of our experienced Staten Island dentists at Oakwood Dental Arts are backed by a trained and seasoned team of specialists—in-house!

Not only does that ensure that each one of your dental questions and decisions is addressed by their combined experience, but, in addition, you are receiving the experience of trained specialists in all areas of dentistry.

Our practice is so versatile that it is considered a “Dental Advisory Group” which can offer second opinions to you even if you have previously visited a different dental practice.

Prevention and care – Cleanings – Surgery – Gum Care – Dental Implants – Bonding

Crowns – Bridges – Dentures and Partials – Inlay – Onlay – Root Canal

Composite resin tooth-colored fillings