The Medical Benefits of Braces

by | Apr 28, 2022

Most people believe that braces are mainly for cosmetic reasons, but it serves much more than just giving you that perfect smile. Not only do braces straighten your teeth, but there are also numerous health benefits that you should be aware of.

The ultimate goal of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy bite, while the beautiful, straight teeth are merely a bonus tip that comes with the treatment. Here are some of the medical benefits of braces that you should know.

Improves alignment of the jaw

One of the impressive things that braces do is address problems like jaw and palate alignment. This condition often causes speech impediments. But, with braces, it can be remedied. Your dentist may need to use an expander to widen the palate before applying the braces.

With your palate expanded, you’ll notice a great improvement in breathing, less snoring, and a drastic change in how you look by bringing your face into proper proportions.

Improved bite

Most people get braces either to fix crooked teeth or straighten them. However, braces can also be used to correct poorly aligned bites, a situation where your upper and lower teeth fit together. If there are gaps in your bite, this can affect your ability to chew properly.

Without immediate dental care, a misaligned bite can become painful over time, making it harder to chew and even talk. In severe cases, it can result in lockjaw, TMJ disorder, and excruciating headaches.

Improve your speech

It might come as a surprise, but your teeth play a crucial role in how you pronounce words. Having misaligned teeth always leads to speech problems, which can only be fixed by using braces to adjust the position of teeth.

By the end of your treatment, you will notice that your tongue has more room to move around while also reducing the slurring of words when speaking.

Better oral habit

The reason most people have poor oral habits isn’t laziness or lack of discipline. Sometimes, it’s because their teeth are so crowded and misaligned that basic oral care becomes a hurdle. And when teeth arent properly cleaned, bacteria will build up causing gum disease and cavities.

But when the teeth are straightened, brushing and flossing come naturally. With braces, the need for good oral health becomes even more important especially to prevent bad breath. Having braces automatically lead to extra oral care, resulting in better habits that last a lifetime.

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Written By Nick

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