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Children can bring joy and happiness, and nurturing them through their vulnerable tender age can be one of the most fulfilling endeavors of your life. However, they come with a few hiccups that might prove somewhat challenging. It is true, especially when they clock six months old and begin the teething process.

This experience can be excruciating and uncomfortable, and sometimes you might wish you could share in their pain due to how much you care. The best way to prepare for this challenging stage is by equipping yourself with details on how a child’s teeth erupt and fall.

It’s an inescapable phenomenon, and knowing what’s coming will better prepare you emotionally to deal with it.

How Children’s Teeth Erupt

You will start seeing your children erupt a new set of teeth around six months, and they alert you through an unusual cry that hardly stops. Teeth eruption is a painful journey, and that’s because baby teeth are being formed from the tooth buds in their jaw. 

The first set of teeth to spring up is the incisors, often called the ‘bunny teeth’ located right in front of their mouth. These new sets of teeth are often detected by the nursing mother during feeding. Sometimes they can bite the nipples of their mothers to alert them of their newfound shiny tool.

This journey continues until the age of three when they’ve gotten their full complement of 20 baby teeth.

How their teeth loosen and fallout

Maybe you’ve wondered what the process is like, or perhaps how it happens. It’s when the tooth buds start forming another set of teeth – the permanent teeth. When this process begins, the new teeth push against the old teeth. The process is steady and gradual, leading to the ‘milk teeth’ finally loosening and falling off as the new set of teeth emerge. 

You might feel the urge to help them with the process by helping them lose their teeth. However, you shouldn’t interfere! Allow them to go through the process on their own and allow the teeth to fall out naturally. Trying to help can lead to complications, such as breaking still living roots that can cause an infection.

If your child is currently undergoing this painful process, or you’re expecting one to be coming soon, the best you can do is prepare by giving us a call 718-400-9002 or filling out our form. We’ve been working with children, and a passionate professional will help you navigate the dental health journey of your child.

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