VELscope: Oakwood Dental Arts Uses New Technology to Detect Oral Cancer

It’s a type of cancer that is becoming more commonly seen in young people, yet many are unaware of its prevalence. Oral cancer can be difficult to detect. Without experiencing pain that results in a dental visit or observing visible abnormalities on the tissue in the mouth, one might never know it’s there.

It hasn’t always been common practice for dentists to perform an oral cancer screening during a routine exam, but many are now becoming proactive about offering this service. The patients at Oakwood Dental Arts in Staten Island can count on their dentist to facilitate this examination.

In the past, a typical oral cancer screening consisted of palpating the head and neck for abnormalities and viewing the inner mouth using reflective light and the naked eye. Now with advanced studies, doctors are finding that an even more effective way to find precancerous and cancerous lesions within the mouth is through the use of fluorescent light.

Oakwood Dental Arts now utilizes the VELscope in addition to traditional methods for a more thorough examination. This tool employs fluorescence to excite fluorophores in the mouth, causing them to emit their own light. The light patterns seen by the oral mucosa can tell a doctor whether the tissue is healthy or abnormal, thus prompting them to take further action if necessary.

It’s important to visit a dentist that is conscious of emerging health risks. Oakwood Dental Arts is constantly integrating new technology into their practice to better serve their patients and ensure healthy outcomes.