Top 5 Dental Crown Maintenance Tips

Dental crowns are merely a replica of your teeth, used when missing a tooth or several teeth. This new installment can help you talk and chew your food correctly while improving your smile.

Since getting a dental implant is not a cheap endeavor, you must get acquainted with a few maintenance tips:

  1. Maintain a good oral habit

Every morning, you have to make it a duty to brush and floss your teeth. Consult your dentist for the proper way to brush your crown, typically to brush up and down, and don’t forget your tongue.

Your crown may be artificial, but it still needs oral care if they are to last. When brushing, remove the sticky plaque film to keep the crown looking its best.

  1. Use a night guard

If you’re one of these people who grind their teeth while sleeping, you might need to use a night guard every night before sleeping. If not, they can take a severe toll on your teeth if left unattended.

Think about it; regular biting exerts about 200 pounds of pressure per square inch; with grinding and clenching, that pressure is increased significantly. So if you’re finding it hard getting a night guard that fits, your dentist could help make a custom night guard that protects your teeth while you sleep.

  1. Avoid sticky and hard food

While a crown could last a lifetime, it can still be damaged just as much like your natural teeth. So for your dental crowns last long, it’s best to resist chewing on ice or hard candies, as they can crack, break or chip your crown.

To maintain your crowns, you also need to avoid sticky food that could cause issues, such as weakening and loosening your crown or causing tiny bits to get trapped between your crown and gum.

  1. Ditch your bad habits

Habits like chewing your nails and grinding your teeth could lead to serious dental complications later. Not only can these habits damage your dental crowns, but they could also get misaligned. If you suffer from bruxism, which is a fancy term for teeth grinding, a mouthguard will be able to protect you at night.

The earlier you start dealing with your bad habits, the longer your crowns will last, possibly for the rest of your life.

  1. Visit your dentist regularly

If you care about your dental health, one thing you should never do is skip your appointment with your dentist. Your dentist needs to check your dental crown and ensure they are comfortable and pleasing.

Getting a dental implant takes a lot of work, and it’s always best to maintain them for the best result. If you’re looking to book an appointment with a dentist, feel free to contact us by calling or filling out our contact form.