7 Modern Dental Procedures

by | Oct 5, 2021

Time has gone by when visiting the dentist was more of a horror series. Pain. Uncomfortable. And irritating. Times have changed, and technology has helped us equipped the latest dental technologies to ensure our patients have the best experience.

Numerous modern dental procedures have changed the dental industry. That is why we’re super excited to share as they could potentially change your mind about the dentist.

  1. Clear Braces

Braces have become an intrinsic part of the dental world, changing the lives of millions, and giving them a reason to smile again. However, with clear braces, almost all the discomfort associated with wearing braces is eliminated.

They are almost invisible, and super easy to remove if you want to brush. By straining your teeth with clear braces, you improve your smiles and overall facial structure.

  2. Laser Dental Procedure

Ever since we made a breakthrough in laser technology, dental procedures have become more efficient than ever before. With this impeccable technology, 

Issues such as cold sore pain, periodontal disease, dental cavities repair cavities are often remedied without pain or discomfort.

  3. Mini Dental Implants

A better alternative to dentures is dental implants, as they can replace a single tooth or several teeth. When you lose your tooth, you don’t need to give up, as you can get your beauty back without undergoing any invasive procedure.

  4. Sedation Dentistry

For patients who struggle with anxiety, or perhaps people with special needs, it is ideal to relax them. There are three methods to go about this, which include nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and the NuCalm technique.

  5. Ozone Therapy

This procedure makes use of an energized form of oxygen to annihilate bacteria and disinfect your mouth. This unique procedure has become part of modern medicine, and just recently made its way into the dental world.

  6. Invisalign

With Invisalign, dentists can straighten your teeth while giving you a healthy smile in return. It is clear and super comfortable to wear. Typically, you get aligners that you can easily remove. In 18 months, you must have seen a tremendous change in your teeth and facial structure.

  7. Nightguard

If you’re fond of grinding or clenching your teeth when you sleep, that’s a sign that you need a nightguard. However, never make the mistake of trying to order a stocked nightguard from your favorite store. We can create a custom nightguard that fits perfectly. In so doing, you prevent headaches, treat bruxism and sleep with worry.

If you’re looking for any dental procedure, we’ve got your back. Here at Oakland dental, we use these modern techniques to ensure our patients get the best possible treatment. Feel free to give us a call (718) 400-9002, or better yet fill our contact form.

Written By Nick

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