Do I need A NightGuard?

by | Sep 28, 2021

You might do it without knowing, clenching your teeth together while you sleep. Sometimes you only begin to notice when you notice some wear and tear on your teeth. Other times, it could be your spouse complaining about your grinding at night.

Not only those this cause stress to your teeth, it leads to headaches, soreness of the jaw, and other symptoms that pertain to the teeth. Though wearing a nightguard isn’t particularly appealing, neither are broken nor crooked teeth.

What Happens When You Grind Your Teeth

The term is Bruxism, a medical word for clenching or grinding of teeth. Dentists consider clenching the major cost of tooth problems, and left untreated could lead to severe problems in the future. 

When you grind your teeth, you’re moving your up and down teeth against each other in an intense manner. Long-term, it could lead to fractured fillings, broken teeth, persistent headaches, and toothache.

Can I get a nightguard from a local drug store?

You can always get a nightguard from a drug store, but you’d be wasting your time with any of them. The reason is evident – they are not custom fit. And mind you, there are only a few facial structures like yours in the world. 

Nightguards at a drug store are stocks sizes and encourage you to grind, which is quite counterproductive.

Depending on your grinding pattern, we make a personalized nightguard that will fit so perfectly. It doesn’t come off at night, nor does it encourage you to grind. After getting your custom-fitted nightguard, we encourage not allowing them to gather dust in your nightstand.

Wearing your night guard every night

By using them, you will begin to notice incredible improvement, both in your symptoms and fractures and broken teeth. Many people wonder how comfortable it is to wear an appliance in your mouth and sleep. That is what makes custom-made the ideal choice since they are fabricated to fit your mouth. 

Factors that may increase your chances of bruxism include:

  • Age – Grinding of teeth is pretty common in kids
  • Personality – People who are hyperactive, aggressive, competitive are more likely to experience bruxism.
  • Stress – People who are under intense stress or frustration might grind their teeth.
  • Substances and medications – Some substances like cocaine, alcohol, or drinking too much caffeine can increase the chances of bruxism.

There are other conditions associated with bruxism, which are Parkinson’s’ disease, epilepsy, sleep apnea, and ADHD.

Should you visit your dentist

If you’re noticing some unappealing changes in your teeth, it may have been caused by clenching. That is enough reason to visit a dentist, and we’ve got you covered here at our clinic. We’ll make a nightguard perfectly made for you.

Feel free to give us a call (718) 979-2121, or perhaps fill our contact form. We will make it worth your time while improving your teeth and facial aesthetics. 

Written By Nick

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