Tempted By Holiday Sweets? Ease Up and Brush More

by | Dec 13, 2013

We can’t escape it — the truffles, candy canes and chocolates in the shape of Santa Claus are in front of us at every turn. The holidays are fast approaching, and we have more to worry about than just our waistlines. All these sweet treats can cause cavities, but we’re here to help you stay in the clear as we ring in the New Year.

Each time you nibble on some sweets, bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugar and produce enamel destroying acids. The longer the acids stay on your teeth, the more damage that occurs. Consuming sugars as part of a larger meal causes your body to produce more saliva as part of the digestion process, washing away the resulting acids. So if you’re going to eat sugary treats, it’s better not to eat them on their own.

Let’s face it; it’s just not practical to avoid all sweets during the holidays. While brushing your teeth soon after eating treats is the best option, if a toothbrush is not available, drink a glass of water to help wash away sugar from the teeth. Chewing sugarless gum removes food particles between the teeth and stimulates the flow of saliva, neutralizing harmful acids.

While the adults enjoy holiday treats, kids cannot resist sugary candies any time of the year. Around the holidays, kids eat candy during school where parents have no control. By learning these good habits, you can pass them on to your child for times when you’re not there to give your words of wisdom.

Another idea from the Academy of General Dentistry to reinforce taking care of teeth is for parents to make it fun with songs or by turning it into a game of naming each tooth that is cleaned. This month, pick their favorite Christmas song or choose Santa’s reindeer names to make brushing teeth fun for kids!

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